Beauty Clinic

Our exclusive beauty clinic offers all kinds of treatment that will satisfy even the most discerning client. Let yourself be spoiled by our expert cosmetologists and beauticians and enjoy the luxurious ambience. Professionalism and discretion are guaranteed.

Full Moon

A complete makeover. This treatment is an all-inclusive offer with everything you need: from a relaxing bath to eye surgery, not to mention implants, refills, wrinkle treatment and much more. The treatment takes a minimum of 90 minutes. But don’t worry about the finance, Mamma Gruesli charges only 40 CHF.

Half Moon

This treatment is one of the most loved in our clinic and includes a relaxing bath, refill and the repair of 2 parts. This treatment will need at least 60 minutes. Mamma Gruesli charges 30 CHF.

A bit of Moon

This basic treatment covers repairs to minor injuries so that you will look like new again in just a little over 30 minutes! Mamma Gruesli charges 20 CHF.

To book an appointment just e-mail us. The price for the trip back home depends where you come from. So shipping costs vary, but we can tell you. Just ask If you are not sure which treatment suits you best. E-mail us a picture and we will tell you for free.

You will check-in and be greeted with a glass of champagne. We start with a relaxing bath and a massage with essential oils in the elegant atmosphere of our spa.
Now you feel relaxed enough to browse through our portfolio, be inspired by your desires and ask for advice from our highly qualified expert: Dr. Prof. Chir. Dipl. Ing. Est. Mamma Gruesli in person.
Dr. Prof. Chir. Dipl. Ing. Est Mamma Gruesli and her team of expert surgeons are now ready to start the operation.
The vast experience of our team and their care and attention to detail will ensure the success of the operation and a very natural look. You will be amazed at the result and feel happy and self-confident again!


Even more special than a regular Gruesli, this is the occasion to own something which really suits you! 
Order today your custom Gruesli: e-mail Mamma Gruesli with the info she needs to know. Check your e-mail for her response!

Price: 155 CHF


Your chance to give something old you really love another chance of life!
Send Mamma Gruesli your beloved garment like that old Astro Boy T-shirt that took part in so many adventures but can't be worn anymore, the favourite blanket when you were a kid, the sweater that belonged to someone you love or whatever. Mamma Gruesli will create a Gruesli from it for you! See the before and after. Just think of it as the real reincarnation…

Price: 155 CHF